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Finding Your Colors

Are you someone who has difficulty wearing certain colors? I tend to always wear neutral colors and my closet is mostly made up with blacks, tans, grays, and whites - which can get very boring and repetitive. I was having difficulty with finding anything in my closet that I wanted to wear and just felt that my wardrobe was very, blah.

I discovered a service called, House of Colour, where a color consultant determines the best colors for your skin tone. There are four color seasons: Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. I was so intrigued by the process and couldn't believe my eyes with the before and after photos that they were showing of their clients.

I was so excited for my consultation that I had done a few weeks ago. I learned so much more about the right colors and tones, plus there is even makeup within your certain color season.

The Color Process

The color consultant will use different colored drapes and place them around your neck/face. These drapes are used to determine if you have a yellow or blue base.

Once your base is determined, then the colored drapes are used to determine which color season you are in. A Spring or Autumn has a yellow base and Winter or Summer have a blue base.

I discovered that I have a blue base. We then went through the Winter and Summer drapes to compare which color tones looked best on me. It was crazy to see how the right color can make your eyes pop versus a color that washes you out.

My Before & After

The only thing added is the lipstick in these photos. In my Winter WOW colors, my face is clearer, teeth whiter, and my eyes are brighter. I was determined to be a Snow White Winter in my bright/cool colors.

You are given color swatches for your color season. This is so helpful when you are shopping in a store or online. I have used my swatches so many times when comparing the correct colors when shopping. I have already found it so much easier when shopping to look for the colors that I know will look good on me. And I am currently going through my closet and getting rid of the colors that wash me out and replacing items with my Winter colors.

If you are able to get your colors done, I would highly recommend it. Another fun fact is that your colors NEVER change as you get older. This is the perfect investment to make for yourself if you are interested in adding the correct colors to your wardrobe.



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