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Holiday Outfit Ideas

I wanted to share a few of my outfit ideas for this holiday season. As we all know, 2020, has been a crazy year. If you are like me, the last thing you want to do is get all dressed up and no place to go. Here are some easy outfit ideas with items that you most likely already have in your closet.

Look 1: Comfy Blazer & Jeans

This blazer from Old Navy is so comfy and not restricting at all. I have it paired with a black tee and dark jeans. I threw on some booties to finish the look.

Look 2: Sweater & Jeans

I love a bright colored sweater for the holidays. I have this one paired with jeans and boots for an easy look.

Look 3: Ruffle Cardigan

This look is probably my favorite. It's super casual, but the ruffle details on this cardigan adds an extra element to the outfit. I have it paired with a black tee, high waisted jeans, and layered necklaces.

Look 4: Sweater & Dress

This is actually a dress and I put this blue sweater overtop. This is a super comfy look, but yet looks so put together. This look is perfect if you are just staying home or going out.

Look 5: Cozy Cardigan & Jeans

I love layering, especially in the Winter. I always seem to be cold so the more layers, the better! I threw on a simple black tee and paired this cozy cardigan. The outer layer is a warm wool topcoat, which is perfect if you don't want to wear a heavy winter jacket.

Look 6: Sweater & Skirt

This sweater is so perfect because it can be dressed up or down. I have it paired with a fun printed skirt and booties. This look is effortlessly chic and so perfect for the holiday, especially if you are staying at home.

I hope this post brought you some inspiration on your holiday outfit. Stay safe and wishing you the best holiday season.



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