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How to Style a Striped Shirt - With Items You Likely Already Have

Ok, so you probably have a striped shirt in your closet - somewhere. I love a good striped shirt because it can go with so many other items. It can be dressed down or up - which is key for a versatile clothing item. You probably have many of these items already in your closet - a casual jacket, jean jacket, and a blazer. In this blog post, I'll share my tips for styling a basic striped shirt.

The striped shirt that I am wearing and styling is from Hatch. It is actually considered maternity; however, it works perfect for postpartum because it's oversized - which I love.


Look Number One

I love pairing stripes with camo print. Camo print can be considered a neutral, right?! This is such an easy look and great for moms on the go! Just think of stripes being a neutral - it's so easy to pair stripes with a pattern.

I finished the look with layered necklaces and my favorite mules.

Jacket / Earrings / Coin Necklace / Rebel Pendent / Beaded Bracelet / Spike Bracelet / Mules


Look Number Two

For an even more casual look, pair a jean jacket and wear either a blue or black denim. I love a good Canadian tuxedo, which my husband laughs at - LOL! I knotted the front of the striped shirt to give it more style and paired with some oxford loafers - or tennis shoes would look great with this style.

For jewelry, I am wearing studs and layered a statement necklace with a delcate - which seems to be a current trend (that I am loving, BTW).

Jean Jacket / Jeans / Bracelet / Statement Necklace / Coin Necklace


Look Number Three

Now, for more of a professional look, I have paired the same striped shirt with black denim and a blazer. I paired this look with some slip on heels and added a statement necklace with some layered bracelets.

Of course, you can pair the striped top with a more structured dress pant if you are in an office environment.

Blazer / Statement Necklace / Earrings / Spike Bracelet / Beaded Bracelet


Here are some of my favorite striped shirts:

What are some of the ways that you like to style a striped shirt?

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