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Let's Talk Loungewear

One of my new favorite trends is lounge wear sets. What's better than being comfortable all day? Especially since working from home, comfort has been an essential. With a matching lounge set, you can look more "put together" versus your average sweats and t-shirt. And you won't feel guilty walking out of the house in sweats, ha!

I have tried on several different lounge sets from various brands and some of them just didn't work for my body type. If you are able, I would suggest trying some on in store to make sure you can find one that fits and that you feel comfortable in.

My personal favorite are the lounge sets from Old Navy. There are several different options and colors available. They are also super affordable and hold up great after several washes. To be honest, I've been wearing it non-stop!

Here are some of my favorite colors/styles that are available.

Are you a fan of lounge sets? Let me know if the comments!



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