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My Favorite Baby Items

Since having two kiddos close in age, I have tried many different baby things. As a first time mom, I had no idea what a baby needed besides diapers, wipes, food, and clothes. I had researched and I felt overwhelmed by the list of gadgets that some articles listed with regards to what a baby needed.

After having my first child, there were some items that I found were non-essential or never used. After my second baby I knew which items were essential to us.

For this post, I have rounded up a list of my favorite baby items. It is a great idea to start a free registry to keep a list of your favorites. I hope this post will provide you with some insight and ideas on building your baby registry.

Baby Jogger City Select Convertible Stroller

We knew that we wanted to have our kids close in age. One of the first things I researched before having my son was strollers. Since we were wanting our kids close in age I didn’t want to buy a single stroller and then end up having to buy a double stroller shortly after. Let’s face it, strollers are not cheap.

There are several convertible strollers on the market now, but we invested in the Baby Jogger City Select Convertible stroller. I was able to try it out before buying it at Buy Buy Baby. It is a heavier stroller, but that is because it has the ability to hold up to three kids. There are about 16 configurations that this stroller can do and in addition there is a glidder board that you can add to the back for a third child.

We have had this stroller for almost three years now and it has held up very well and we haven’t had any issues. I do not regret our investment in this stroller.

Baby Jogger Car Seat

Since we wanted to go with the Baby Jogger stroller I wanted to get the Baby Jogger car seat so it would be able to function with the stroller, instead of having to purchase adapters for another car seat to fit. It has been super easy to install the base and we have been very happy with the overall function of this car seat.

Halo Bassinest

I decided to get the Halo Bassinest with my second child after seeing other people rave about it. I wish I had it with my first. I had it by my side of the best and it had a 360 swivel function which made it so easy for night time wake up calls.

Joovy Walker

We have hard wood floors so this was so easy for my son to use. He absolutely loved it and was able to maneuver down the hallway and turn it around. Since we have real hard wood I wanted something that had smooth wheels. This did not scratch the floors. It also has a function where the top tray lifts off so it is easy to clean. I also love the sleek design of it and it has held up well with two kids.

Skip Hop Activity Centers

My son and daughter have both loved these items. The floor mat is amazing for when they are a newborn and doing tummy time.

The Skip Hop Stand and Explore is great for when they are learning to stand and it adjusts for their growing height. It also converts into a table for when they get older.

Diaper Genie

This one speaks for itself. It has held up well with both kiddos and holds a good amount of diapers.

Wipe Holder

I love this wipe holder and have it on the changing table. It holds a good amount of wipes and provides easy access to getting wipes out.

I also love this one that is perfect to stick it your diaper bag.

Boppy Pillow

We had this for my son and it was such a lifesaver. It was perfect to move around the house and lay the baby down in.

Bath Items

I love the flower petal for the newborn stage when they can’t raise their head up yet. I would put this on the kitchen counter and was able to give my first born a bath. After bath time was over I just threw it in the dryer.

I used the Angelcare Baby Bath Support with my second and wish I had bought it with my first. I feel like it is less bulky than some of the other bathing tubs and it has a hook for hanging. I was able to fit it into the bathtub along with my oldest child for bath time and it was a lifesaver when having to manage both kids. It also fits under the sink when not in use.


I did not buy any medication prior to having my first because I didn’t think it was necessary or I could just go buy some if needed. My company actually sent me a maternity gift which included this Little Remedies set (along with a onesie). I cannot tell you how handy this set was to have in hand. I actually used many of the items, especially the saline drops and gas relief drops. This is definitely an item to add to your registry.

Peg Perego Primo Convertible Car Seat

We have this convertible car seat for both kids. It is so easy to install which is super important along with all of the safety features. Both of my kids have been in this car seat since around six months old and we have never had any issues.


If you are a first time mom, don’t worry - you got this! I hope this post gave some insight as to some great essential baby products and a starting point for your baby list.

Registries are great to have made to keep track of your favorite baby items and to allow an easy access for friends and family to shop from - Buy Buy Baby and Amazon give out some amazing registry gifts too!

Xo - Whitney

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