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My Tips For Never Paying Full Price

I don’t know about you, but I love finding a good deal. When I am shopping for ANYTHING, whether it be clothing, jewelry, or household stuff, I do my research and try to find the store where I will find the best deal.

I love Free People clothing and Macy's is one of my favorite places to shop for the brand because they always have a sale and you can usually use an additional coupon on top of the sale price - win win! This FP Moonchild Jacket I have seen for as low as $60! If you create a Macy's account online, there is an "Add to Your List" option which I use regularly. I then check back often to see if the item has decreased in price. Once it has, then that's the time I make my purchase.

Madewell and J.Crew also have regular sales. Once they promote that they are having a sale, I scoop up items that have been on my "Wishlist." I scored this olive green surplus jacket for $60 on sale - now it is back to regular price ($118).


Let's talk about shoes. I always find good deals on Coach and Frye shoes at Macy's. I love Coach shoes because they are so well made and they are classic. My favorite shoes used to be some loafers by Coach; however, after having 2 kids, they no longer fit - how is it after pregnancy your foot grows?!

I also love Frye because their quality of leather and craftsmanship is impeccable. Frye items rarely go on sale, but Macy’s usually has some good deals. I scored my Frye Ray Mules (that I wear all the time) for around $99 (normally $258)! Now, some will think that is a lot to pay for shoes; however, I know that Frye makes quality shoes that will last year after year. Like I said, I wear these bad boys all the time, so I am pretty happy with my investment.


Tips For Finding a Good Deal

1) Think of the price per wear - if you pay hundreds of dollars for a clothing piece that you are only going to wear once or twice, it probably isn't a good investment. I try find quality pieces on sale that I can wear for a season or two and then resell it on consignment or on an online resell site.

2) Some sites offer price matching. For example, Nordstrom's. So just make sure to check before purchasing something.

3) Find sites that offer free shipping - and sometimes free returns. Examples: Nordstrom's, Zappos, Madewell are some of my favorite places for free shipping AND returns.

4) Discount for subscribing to emails - I have noticed many sites do this, so just make sure to check before making your purchase.


Where are some of your favorite places to shop to find good deals?

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