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Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

I am so excited to share my professional teeth whitening experience with you all! I have been working with Smile Brilliant for the past few months now. [Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and from my personal experience.]

Prior Teeth Whitening Experience

I had only used whitening strips in the past and have never had any professional whitening done. Personally, I did not feel that the whitening strips were very effective on me because my teeth are not perfectly straight. I have had concerns with going to the dentist to get professional whitening done because I've heard your teeth can become very sensitive. I normally do not have sensitive teeth, but one time I left my whitening strip on overnight and woke up with SUPER sensitive teeth the next day - HA lessoned learned. I did not want to experience that type of sensitivity again so I've been afraid to have professional whitening done by the dentist - plus the cost was another issue.

I was so happy when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try out their in-home professional whitening kit. I loved the fact that their whitening process included actual molds of your own teeth.

My Routine

They first mail you the kit to create your molds for your trays. It took less than a week to get the trays back. The whitening process consisted of two phases - the whitening gel and desensitizing gel.

First, you fill the trays with the whitening gel and I left those in for around 50 minutes. I increased the time after a few sessions just to make sure there was no teeth sensitivity. Once the time was up, I took the trays out and brushed my teeth to remove the whitening gel and clean out the trays. I then filled the trays with the desensitizing gel and left that in for around 30 minutes. After that time, I took the trays out and rinsed them out. It is important to leave the desensitizing gel to help with tooth sensitivity and staining. I had absolutely no sensitivity - but again my teeth are not normally sensitive.

I continued the whitening process either every other night or every two nights. I did a total of 10 sessions and am very pleased with the results.

My Results

I am very happy with the process and the results that I received. As a mom of two - I love my coffee and wine - LOL - which, of course, cause your teeth to stain.

I am slightly embarrassed by my before photo which show my teeth very yellow. As you can see in the after photo, my teeth are much whiter.

I could never go back to white strips after my experience with Smile Brilliant. Their custom whitening trays were so comfortable since they are molded to fit your teeth/mouth. Plus, I love that Smile Brilliant is an affordable option for professional whitening.

How to Get Your Own Kit

Smile Brilliant is giving away a Whitening Kit to one of my lucky readers (a $149 value!). [GIVEAWAY CLOSED] This giveaway is open to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canadian residents only.

Also, use code WHITNEYHARMON15 to get 15% off your own kit at SmileBrilliant!


Have you whitened your teeth before or do you currently? Let me know - I'd love to hear about your experience!



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