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The Perfect Everyday Sneaker

Last year, my stepmom gave me a pair of shoes that she had purchased because they were the wrong size. I had never heard of the brand before (Time Slippers) so I was anxious to check them out. I immediately noticed the soft and cozy insoles that are actually made from yoga mats. I also noticed how the back of the shoe can fold down which allows for a mule style of shoe.

Time Slippers have been a lifesaver for me over the past year. As a mom of two active toddlers, it is important for me to dress comfortably and to be able to slip on a pair of shoes when we have to head out the door.

I have never really been a fan of tennis shoes and previously would slip on a pair of flip flops or sandals before thinking of even wearing tennis shoes. I dislike wearing tennis shoes because I feel like I have to wear socks and then my feet would be sweaty by the end of the day, ha!

With Time Slippers I find myself always gravitating to them because they are so easy to wear and style. As I previously mentioned, they have a cozy insert so there is no need to wear socks. There is no break in time required and I have had no issues with blisters or soreness from wearing them for long periods of time. I love the functionality to where they can just be slipped on and ready to go. The top has stretch laces so there are no shoe strings to hassle with. They are also leather which is a plus for me because I know they will last year after year.

These sneakers are also so easy to style. I love dressing them up or down as they easily pair well with many things. I have styled my Time Slippers with activewear, jeans, and even dresses. I love pairing my Time Slippers with a fun printed dress and throwing on a denim jacket which creates the perfect casual look. These are the perfect shoe for someone that is on the go, a busy mom, or a casual shoe for everyday.

Thank you, Time Slippers, for sponsoring this post! Use code WHITNEYHASSTYLE at Time Slippers for 20% off your own pair!



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